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Hawaii is American's tropical paradise in the Pacific.
More than 2,000 miles from the nearest continent and not even part of North America.,
Hawaii is the newest state both historically and geologically. Islands are being added
to the 1500-miles chain of 132 islands in a thrilling process of creation that can
actually be observed.

New, isolated and on the same latitude as central Mexico, Hawaii is seductive and
exotic. Plants and animals native to the islands are found nowhere else on earth,
while some introduced species have taken on strange forms.

The inhabitants are relative newcomers too. About a.d. 300 a group of Polynesians
navigating outrigger canoes by the sun, wind, ocean currents and stars arrived at this
remote string of islands and according to tradition named them after their homeland

Millions of years ago the Hawaiian Islands erupted from a hot spot on the Pacific
Ocean floor. Layers of lava rose over time, formed undersea mountains and emerged
from the sea as fiery volcanoes. They spread out in a line northwest and southwest
more than 1,500 miles from end to end.

Hawaii, the Big Island , lends its name to the entire state. Five volcanoes have
contributed to its formation, two of which remain active.

Because of its geographical diversity some parts of the island are drenched by constant
rainfall while others are almost as dry as desert. Near Hilo lush stands of rain forest
bloom with brilliant tropical flowers while waterfalls tumble into serene pools-exotic
images that have long inclined people to thing of Hawaii as paradise. On the other side
of the island a light blanket of snow may cover the cold shouldered summits of Mauna
Loa .

Despite its natural wonders and tourist attractions the Big Island is largely agricultural.
At the Parker Ranch, the largest individually owned cattle ranch in the United States,
more than 50,000 head of cattle graze. The island's rich soil also bears Kona coffee,
macadamia nuts, orchids and anthuriums.

One can visit Polynesian Cultural Center where seven villages re-created as once found
on Fiji, Hawaii, the Marquesas, New Zealand, Samoa, Tahiti and Tonga. This center is
operated by the Mormon Church.

The island waters of many beaches offer close viewing of brightly hued fish, such as
parrot and butterfly fish and coral reefs.

I think you stopped reading the text and rushed booking tickets to Hawaii.
Happy voyage to you!